Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Thought

I love being busy! I love when people think my cakes are "Classy".
I'm working on giving my cakes their own name. I have come up with "Classy Baby Cakes". My new tag line is "Classy Diaper Cakes for the Chic Mom-to-be". I hope it's catchy and hip! I was feeling like "Sew Cute and Crafty" just didn't do it for the cakes, but I didn't want to do an entire overhaul of my I figured I can just brand the cakes instead. Much easier!
I'm working on 2 right now. A personalized cake for "Cooper" and one for "Nicole". I really like custom cakes. They give me the ability to create something new and unique! LOVE IT!
Stay tuned, I will post some pics of the 2 cakes.


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