Saturday, March 22, 2008

My newest 3

This weekend I have been working on 3 new cakes. The first, which I call "Diva-Licious" is 4 tiers of pure princess! I LOVED making this cake. The funky pink boah and the dot crystal embellishments really made this cake POP! The second, appropriately named "Jungle Monkey" is a 2 tier cake. This cake was just as fun. The cute monkey is a Ty Pluffie, and the green gerber daisies accent the whole cake. The third, "Bath Time" started out as a whole different idea. I was going to make it more the boy themed cake... but then after I got started and picked out the camo ribbon for the monkey cake, this cake became the gender neutral cake. It's embellished with travel bath soap, lotion, etc... and cute bath time friends stickers. Of course it's topped with a cute Ty Pluffie (i just love those things!)
So these three were sent to a wonderful boutique here in Edmond called "Funky Monkey". They fit right in with all the hip, trendy kids clothes and accessories they sell.


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