Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jeapers Leapers!

I couldn't resist building this adorable diaper cake with "Leapers" the frog, Ty Pluffie. Using these cute plush animals as cake toppers is one of my favs. They are really easy to make and people love the price! It makes such a unique hospital or shower gift. I ran out of diapers tonight, so I had to put my cake building on hold for a little while. Not sure why I don't just get up and go get more. Probably because I ate 3 (yes 3!) pieces of pizza tonight and feel like I couldn't fit into my car anyway!! :)
Weather update: the smart news guys "warned" us about all the snow we were going to get today... well, we didn't get even a snowflake. The sun was even shining at the end of the day! Goes to show you should never plan a day around the Oklahoma weather men!

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