Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy is GOOD!

Yes, I cannot and will not complain about being busy this week!!! I have sold 3 cakes this week and worked hard and got them all done and shipped already! We have been really busy with baseball (Blake, my 7 yr old step-son, has started baseball season this week) and with other random happenings! Funny, because I still make time for diaper cake creating, homework helping, blogging, posting on, and American Idol watching!! Needless to say, I'm asleep the second my head hits the pillow.
This "Little Sailor Diaper Cake" is my most recent.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Cakes on Display!

My cakes are on display at Bellingham Baby Company!! I'm so excited to see how WONDERFUL Shelly's store turned out and what a great job she did displaying my cakes! I'm like a proud mama! :)

Her store, which is located at 2925 Newmarket Place Bellingham, WA 98226, is full of fun, functional, fabulous things for baby and mom! If you are in that area, check it out! If not, you can always shop online at


Saturday, March 22, 2008

My newest 3

This weekend I have been working on 3 new cakes. The first, which I call "Diva-Licious" is 4 tiers of pure princess! I LOVED making this cake. The funky pink boah and the dot crystal embellishments really made this cake POP! The second, appropriately named "Jungle Monkey" is a 2 tier cake. This cake was just as fun. The cute monkey is a Ty Pluffie, and the green gerber daisies accent the whole cake. The third, "Bath Time" started out as a whole different idea. I was going to make it more the boy themed cake... but then after I got started and picked out the camo ribbon for the monkey cake, this cake became the gender neutral cake. It's embellished with travel bath soap, lotion, etc... and cute bath time friends stickers. Of course it's topped with a cute Ty Pluffie (i just love those things!)
So these three were sent to a wonderful boutique here in Edmond called "Funky Monkey". They fit right in with all the hip, trendy kids clothes and accessories they sell.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Pretty Piggy Princess

So last night I created a Pretty Piggy Diaper Cake. Isn't she just precious? I have started to hunt for cute ideas for "cake" toppers. I found this pig and knew she would make a diva-licious cake topper!! I have added her to my Etsy store, but not to the website yet.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Steps Diaper Cake

I love this cake! Who can resist these cute Stride Rite Leather Cruisers? I bought them thinking they would make a great cake topper! They are a $40 value alone!



Here they are! I finished my 6 diaper cakes last night. I have to ship them today and I'm hoping that goes smooth! I can't wait to hear what Kangaroodle has to say, and I can't wait to see them on display! What an exciting event!
I have decided to "brand" the diaper cakes. I'm looking for some cute, creative suggestions. I want to be able to set them apart from other things I do, and I don't feel like "Sew Cute and Crafty" really goes with my cakes.

So.... comment me and give me your suggestions!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Off to Washington!

So I am almost finished with my order for Kangaroodle ( These six yummie diaper cakes will be on their way to Washington this week. I will also offer them on and on my website, as well. Contact me if you would like to order one before then!
I will be adding cute flowers to them as well as some kind of topper. Check back!
Ultimate Blog Party 2008
For all you blog-crazy people out there.... especially Moms, check out the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jeapers Leapers!

I couldn't resist building this adorable diaper cake with "Leapers" the frog, Ty Pluffie. Using these cute plush animals as cake toppers is one of my favs. They are really easy to make and people love the price! It makes such a unique hospital or shower gift. I ran out of diapers tonight, so I had to put my cake building on hold for a little while. Not sure why I don't just get up and go get more. Probably because I ate 3 (yes 3!) pieces of pizza tonight and feel like I couldn't fit into my car anyway!! :)
Weather update: the smart news guys "warned" us about all the snow we were going to get today... well, we didn't get even a snowflake. The sun was even shining at the end of the day! Goes to show you should never plan a day around the Oklahoma weather men!

My Diaper Cake FEATURED!

How cool is this....
My Pretty Pastel diaper cake is featured on this "Etsy Favorites" blog.

The sweet lady that did this is also on Etsy at she has really fun, colorful jewelry! Thanks a million Robin!

Spring Fever

Last night, after making diaper cakes, I whipped up a few darling Spring bows. I'm selling these as a set for $8. They are on or my website,
I love SPRING!! I must say that it's not feeling much like Spring here today! The highs today are around 33 and they are expecting some snow!! What in the world? Last weekend I had capris and flip-flops on! That's Oklahoma for you!

Diapers Everywhere!

Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? I'm stuck under this huge pile of diapers!!

Last night I spent 4 hours parked on the floor making diaper cakes. I have an order for three 3-tier and three 2-tier cakes for a great lady that is opening up a shop in WA. Her website now is .

So, as I sat and listened to Amanda Overmyer on American Idol sound like a dieing cat... I put my time to good use! As soon as I get my ribbon in, I will finish these masterpieces! Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A little Asian Flair!

Last night I finished a custom diaper cake made with Asian flair. The lady I did the cake for had a photo of what the baby's room was going to look like, so I had that to go off of. I love creating cakes that are customized like this! This one is 2 tiers and has over 50 size 1 & 2 diapers.



I'm so excited to be blogging in this fabulous new blog created by the talented Shauna at . She is really talented as you can see. THANK YOU SHAUNA! My blog is so cute I could eat it!